I will be posting regular videos throughout my project, keeping you up to date with fieldwork, findings and some fun facts about gulls. 


Make sure to check out Episode 1 of the gull girl diaries above to hear a little bit about my research and what I am hoping to find out.


Special thanks to Sam Oakes for videography, check out his films here!

Episode 2 is here!


I felt it was only right to kick things off again with some gull facts and a few identification tips for spotting two common UK gull species.


Whether you've seen them at the coast or on a neighbours roof, the gulls have been busy... but what exactly does their breeding season involve? Find out in Episode 2 of the gull girl diaries. 


Film credit: Sam Oakes Films 

Episode 3 is an appreciation for migration and the distances our birds travel as they move between breeding and wintering grounds.


Colour ringing schemes are incredible as they allow us to understand more about the movement patterns birds make within their lifetime.


If you spot a large gull wearing a YELLOW colour ring then it might be one of the gulls ringed in 2018 as part of this project!! We would love to hear about any sightings so please get in touch at nescotlandgulls@gmail.com if you spot anything exciting!


Film credit to the brilliant Sam Oakes films  

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