I am very lucky to have three fantastic supervisors working with me on this research project!


Dr Karen Spencer

University of St Andrews


Karen's research interests lie in the fields of behavioural neuroendocrinology, behavioural ecology and developmental programming. She applies multi-disciplinary approaches to gain greater understanding of the mechanisms underlying complex patterns of animal behaviour.




Dr Liz Humphreys

BTO Scotland


Liz works for the research institute, British Trust for Ornithology and is involved in developing research projects aimed at tackling issues associated with wetland and marine habitats. She has a strong interest in seabirds and urban ecology.



Dr Jeroen Minderman
University of Stirling


Jeroen's research interests are within behavioural ecology and conservation biology with a strong focus on ornithology. He is interested in understanding and predicting behavioural responses to environmental change in a diverse range of species and systems.




 Mechanisms of Behaviour Group


I am also a group member within the Mechanisms of Behaviour Research Group, led by Karen Spencer.


Research is focused on the use of different bird species to explore how brain function, physiology and behaviour interact to affect responses to environmental challenges.




Gull Girl - Seabird Research in Scotland